Presentation of our wines in Brussels, Cervantes Institute, E Day :: © Bodegas Nestares Rincon

Spanish Invasion in Brussels by Bodegas Nestares – Rincón

During the month of June the Cervantes Institute invited Nestares-Rincon Wine Cellar to participate in the “E Day” (Day of Spain or of Spanish literature in the world) at its headquarters in Brussels. And there we left the BNR team to represent Spanish wines before a large crowd of visitors from all parts of the world. They enjoyed a previous explanation about our facilities, production method and characteristicsof our wines, then go to taste them in a tasting prepared for this purpose and with some delicacies and gourmet Spanish and Mediterranean products.

The audience enjoyed, especially with the original taste of our wines 1.0 and 3.0 and elegant design; and meats were not left or the crumbs…

The second part of the trip (and all the more interesting) , was the formalization of business contacts for the start of the distribution of our wines in Belgium formally commence between September and October 2014.

You leave a video so you can see how the event went.