Vineyards in summer in Torvizcon :: Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo and Petit Verdot :: © Bodegas Nestares Rincon, Alpujarride

“Higuest Wines in Europe”

The Juan de Reyes estate is located at 1352 meters altitude in the Contraviesa Mountain Range, the heart of the wine tradition of the Alpujarras. Our vineyards are here, under the breathtaking views of the snow capped mountains of Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea. Our grapes Tempranillo, Merlot and Syrah grow under sunlight.

Detail of a vine :: © Bodegas Nestares Rincon

Detail of a vine :: © Bodegas Nestares Rincon

The characteristics of its rich slate soil, low rainfall, the influence of the sea breeze and the temperature variation between day and night, produce grapes of great complexity that is reflected in the intense and excellent flavors of our wines.

The estate covers an area of ​​42 hectares. Organic farming: 7 hectares of vineyards, 24 hectares of almond and 9 hectares of Mediterranean forest. The work in the vineyards is done manually, and harvesting is introduced in boxes 15-20 kg. to preserve intact bunches of grapes to the cellar.

Our vineyards are the highest vineyards in Europe and therefore they withstand temperate climates temperatures and cold climates of southern France or northern Spain.

The features that our Terroir gives our wines are:

* Low rainfall <250 L/m 2.
* Many hours of sun + cold weather = fruit with excellent balance.
* The breeze from the nearby sea supplies low rainfall.
* Slate floor: ideal for vineyard, brings a mineral notes very special.
* Larger historical/cultural background: a vineyard area since the Roman Empire.
* Changes in temperature: between day and night approx. 20 ° C to allow the vineyard to produce different substances at different temperatures providing more complexity to the grapes and therefore to the wine.
* Manual labor in the vineyard and harvesting grapes in boxes.
* 100% Organic Farming