Views of Sierra Nevada from Capileira, La Alpujarra :: Bodegas Nestares Rincon, Alpujarride

What can you see in our environment?

We speak of Granada, Sierra Nevada and La Alpujarra , practically the whole province is a very high tourist and cultural interest. Our immediate environment is Torvizcon, heart of the Sierra de La Contraviesa, Sierra Nevada foothills before reaching the Mediterranean Sea and from which you can see the valley of the river Guadalfeo and Orgiva, High Alpujarra door.

Orgiva and church steeples. Door of High Alpujarra :: Bodegas Nestares Rincon

Orgiva is one of the most scenic sites in the Alpujarra by the confluence of different cultures in the municipality are given since the mid-60s saw nearly overrun by a massive and unexpected population of young Europeans fleeing the tight modern world western; and unintentionally, they created a large community Hippie, today is an active part of the tourist industry and handicraft of Orgiva and all La Alpujarra.

From his position at the South Gate of Sierra Nevada we can access and visit wonderful tourist sites anchored in the world of dreams as are the three towns of Poqueira Canyon (Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira). The visitor will think time has stopped or that they are the ideal setting for the biggest fantasy stories of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Impossible streets, houses and fairy chimneys and its famous tunnels flown over houses and streets, the “tinaos”. The best traditional crafts and food products can find in these and other towns and villages in the Alpujarra. The famous Serrano ham from Trevelez and high quality sausage made ​​traditionally. In addition Trevelez you will visit one of the highest towns in Europe just at the foot of Mulhacen, Sierra Nevada and top of the highest mountain of the Iberian Peninsula.

Capileira "Terraos" and Contraviesa in background :: Bodegas Nestares Rincon, Alpujarride

You can stop at Pórtugos, Busquístar or Pitres if you want to know his famous ferruginous sour fountain and you can not forget Lanjaron, famous for its thermal springs and spas or natural water sources from a very prestigious mineral water in Spain is produced. Beyond Trevelez is highly recommended to visit more remote municipalities but still retain even better than the first that environment as Bércules, Mecina Bombarón, Valor or Yegen famous municipality in which Gerald Brenan was established in 1920 and since he wrote “Al sur of Granada “describing their personal experiences among the people in the first third of the twentieth century, wonderful novel that today is as basic reference work on the summit region, traditions and customs.

Of course, our immediate environment is Contraviesa and villages where you can stay and also find all the charm of La Alpujarra. Highly recommended visits and walks Torvizcon, Rubite, Albondón and Murtas. You’re always moving in water and mountains because a few kilometers from the slope of the CONTRAVIESA we find the Mediterranean Sea and within 30 minutes we can visit some of the beautiful villages of the tropical coast of Granada as Salobreña, Almuñecar Calahonda or Rabita or visit the administrative center of the district and port of the province of Granada: Motril.

The Alhambra in Granada :: Bodegas Nestares Rincon

And what can we say about Granada and the surrounding area that has not been said already? Granada is surely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city of Genil river in the foothills of Sierra Nevada and Veleta. A city of legend and legends located in one of the Arab architectural complexes, world heritage, most important and best preserved in the world: La Alhambra. Just opposite two lovely neighborhoods, Sacromonte and Albaicin and under these the historic center, the Jewish quarter, the beautiful Renaissance cathedral and pleasant Gran Vía, without forgetting the places and recesses of their neighborhoods and most traditional places like Trinidad, Pescadería, Puerta Real , Colón, Paseo de los Tristes, Plaza Nueva, El realejo or El Campo del Prince and countless Renaissance and Baroque churches that keep appearing throughout the city, many of them built on the foundations of spectacular Moorish mosques that are still there.

If we get out of the city we will stay perplexed with its fertile valley and the surrounding villages as Fuentevaqueros (village of García Lorca), Pinos Puente, Dilar, Moclín, Durcal, Padula, Zafarraya, Monachil, Güejar Sierra Alhama de Granada , Santa fe or Loja.

Granada, La Alpujarra and Nestares Corner Bodegas three things that will make your visit unforgettable.