Route of the Blossom Almonds. Wikiloc Alpujaride :: © Bodegas Nestares Rincon

Active Tourism around the Wine Centre and our Cellar

Bodegas Nestares Rincón and our vineyards are located in a place without comparison, very rare and highly attractive: one of the peaks of the Sierra de La Contraviesa, southern heart of La Alpujarra. Its special location will allow you to develop the activities you want on foot, by car or motorbike. Some we have designed you can see them and download them to the portal WIKILOC accessing width user: alpujarride y la password: alpujarride.

Yet, here we suggest some others that seem particularly beautiful, fun and engaging:


TRAILS: Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Route: “Journey through Las Alpujarras”.

Arrive Torvizcon Bus at 10am. Climb to the left, to the Wine Thematic Centre Alpujarride through the spectacular Boulevard of Torvizcon to the top of the Sierra Contraviesa, where we are. Right this climbed Pedro Antonio de Alarcón and then write their book adventures. Arrival at 13: 30-14h. Food tasting and visit to the Interactive Wine Museum. Taking the bus in the Alpujarride Center at approximately 17h. You can see the entire route here

Pedro Antonio de Alarcon route :: Hiking - Torvizcon :: Alpujárride © Bodegas Nestares Rincon


MOUNTAIN BIKE: Circular route of vineyards, fig and almond trees.

The arrival would directly Alpujarride Center around 10:30. Departure at 11: 00h arrival at 13: 30h. Food tasting and visit to the Interactive Wine Museum. We take the bus at about 17h in Alpujarride Center.


AVENTURA ALPUJARRA is an active tourism company dedicated to the management of adventure activities for individuals or groups such as businesses, municipalities, families, friends, schools.

This company is registered as Active Tourism in the Government of Andalusia, with the AT/GR/00063 registration (therefore complies with all legal requirements required by the Delegation of Tourism and Sports). It belongs to the group of associated companies active tourism “GRANADA ACTIVE” and “ANDALUSIA ACTIVE” and TOURISM ALPUJARRA association.



Resort of Lanjaron: healing treatments, relaxing, beauty SPA, etc. Tasting medicinal waters of its natural springs.
Drying Hams Morillas, Lanjaron: visit and tasting hams.
Honey Museum, Lanjaron: Interpretation Center visit and tasting.
Drying Hams Rosillo, Orgiva: visit and tasting hams.
Olive mill La Flor de la Alpujarra, Orgiva: tour and tasting.
Sport tourism Aventura Alpujarra.